Hi, My name is Elliott. I was born in Memphis, Tennessee, grew up mainly in Memphis and throughout Florida, studied Fine Art at the University of Memphis and Linguistics at Portland State University, and live in Portland, Oregon. I’m a classic vata-pitta, 4w3, wood tiger virgo-sagittarius-gemini INFP, I made a 466 on the MAT exam, I speak, read, and write Russian badly, my blood type is A+ (7 gallon donor), and I look like this— if any of that helps paint a picture. As a radical individualist, I share all this as a sort of joke at the expense of the idea that people should ever be put into categories. The only social media I’m interested in are Dialectic, Empathy, and Respect — Contact

I feel it’s a bad idea to use thumbnails to show art because it serves only to “inoculate” a viewer to the work, or makes easier for them to dismiss it and mindlessly scroll past. Many of the works here are fairly large oil paintings of considerable time and effort, with life-size figures, meant to be seen in person, not in a tableau  flying by in a fraction of a second on a small screen. I fear one day we will all suddenly awake in horror, only to realize our whole life has been lived this way, now at an end, where we had consumed it completely without realizing that the entire time we had been doing nothing more than gazing into a snowglobe.

The weblog is my personal journal of achievement or interests and is a living document, so I may from time to time change or delete the content here. You’ll be relieved to know that I don’t expect anyone to actually read any of this.